Sunday, January 8, 2017

Two...And Counting

It's only day two of this storm and already it feels like we're on an endless loop (rainy days will do that).  The mud is so thick in front of the goat barn that it threatens to suck the shoes from my feet, and I don't even want to talk about the muck in the chicken pen.  I'm happy to report that so far no leaks have appeared in any roof, barn or sheds, and that all trees remain standing.  Twenty mph winds are predicted again today and given what I'm hearing out there in the dark this morning, I think the prediction is correct.  In short, t'ain't fit weather for man nor beast.

I may look ridiculous in that knitted pig hat with ear flaps (and pig ears) that Dave gave me last year, but it fits snuggly and keeps my head dry so it's being put to good use.  The goats don't care what I'm wearing as long as they get breakfast, and I don't think chickens have much sense of humor.  I made the mistake of sending Dave a "selfie" while wearing the hat, and quickly realized there's an age past which one should not take selfies.  I bore a strong resemblance to a Shar Pei!

Yesterday was spent doing those things like laundry, dishes, and assorted housework looking toward the possibility of a power outage.  The local FB site is full of downed trees and spin-outs and crashes on wet, slick roads.  Bess and I went as far as the mailbox yesterday and that's our limit for travel.  (Yeesh, the wind is rattling the windows like they're tambourines right now!)

My weather app is showing four more days of rain this week before we get a break.  That's depressing.  Sigh.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Yes, very depressing..have to walk a little but barely made it a mile...around the house and to mail and garbage dumpster...and today sounds worse.

But one has to think of the lovely spring flowers and green leaves ...and flowing rivers of next few months.

Stay dry

Kathryn Williams said...

So sorry about the muck and yuck, but so glad that there are no leaks or downed trees. Hope you have good books and good TV - and that power remains!!