Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snow Day

Although it snowed almost all day yesterday, this is about all that stuck.  One wouldn't think it would be enough to wipe out the satellite dishes, but it did...for hours.  Cold?  Oh, yes, it was cold.  I talk about bringing wagons of firewood up to the porch; yesterday Stove burned a full wagon load between get-up and go-to-bed.  (I never think about my wagon without hearing my mother's bit of doggerel, "Little red wagon, tongue is draggin'.  Second verse, same as the first."  And repeat.)

I was deeply touched yesterday by an act of kindness from one of my Kids who shall remain nameless for fear of embarrassing said Kid.  Kid realized I had not posted in a timely fashion and called to ask if I were okay.  It's a good thing I wasn't down with the goats because Kid was going to head up the hill, weather be damned, if I hadn't answered the phone.  No need to ask why I love my Kids.

There is a difference between no satellite and no power.  As long as we have electricity, I can use the DVR even when there is no real-time television.  I keep a stash of stuff I've recorded and not watched just for such occasions, and yesterday I immersed myself in Shakespeare, "The Hollow Crown," Richard III's story of mayhem, intrigue, and madness.  The production is chock-full of the best of British actors who somehow managed to speak Shakespeare's difficult cadence in a modern, conversational style that made the dialogue so easily understandable.  There are worse ways to spend a day.

Snow turned to rain late in the day and it's raining again/still this morning.  It's freezing cold.  Bessie's trip outside was don't-blink-your-eyes fast.  I'm late for my date with Stove.  We're becoming best friends!

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Unnamed Kid made me smile!!! It was indeed a good day.