Friday, January 6, 2017


Have you seen this pig?  Actually, not this particular pig.  This pig was given to me by Dave Christmas before last, and it lives in the kitchen on the handle of a wooden spoon.  This year he gave me the rest of the litter, five identical piglets.  While I was trying to decide where they should live, the klepto cats made off with the whole bunch and I cannot find even one.  No ransom note has been received as yet, so I fear for their safety.  They are tiny little things, only about two inches in height.  The perpetrators are not squealing on each other.  If located, please notify me immediately.

I lost an entire day of sunshine in a most pleasant way.  I did give the barn a thorough cleaning before unexpected guests and a long long-distance phone call came.  Beau and his daughter Hailey stopped by in the morning, my niece in New Hampshire called, and Arden arrived in the afternoon for a chat.  Reportedly, today should be dry so I must get wood to the porch or do it in the pouring rain.  World news takes second place to the weather reports, and they're saying this storm is going to be a doozy.  Down in the valley, sand bags are being given out.  Up here, those who live in the nearby tiny hamlet of Outingdale, which is on the east bank of the Cosumnes River, are preparing for the worst.  They've been flooded out before.  In her capricious way, Nature has dropped the temperature to 30 this morning, but the storm is predicted to be a warm one.  I'm just hoping she leaves out the wind this time.  Saturated ground and wind are a tree's worst enemies.

In the meantime, I shall continue to hunt for five missing pigs.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Keep dry and get extra wood in......sounds like eight inches of rain coming down in Auburn area.
Good day for ducks, as they use to say....or start building an Ark.

Kathryn said...

And I heard "Pineapple Express" being tossed around, even though there is a new name for it now. Keeping all my favorite Foothill Gals in my thoughts and prayers.