Sunday, January 22, 2017

Keeping It Short

Not much happened yesterday, but today I'm giving the abbreviated version.  Wind (no rain yet) came up during the night and it's the worst yet.  Time after time it woke me as it screamed around the house.  The last time, my mind started whirling like the wind, thinking of things that must be done before we lose power, a very likely event in this weather, and regardless of the time, it was time to get up.  First chore of the day was to get the coffee made.  Ahhh.  Check.  That last load of laundry got thrown in the dryer and just finished.  Check.  As soon as I finish with this, I'll get my bills paid online so I don't get hauled off to debtors' prison.  Last night's dishes are still in the sink.  Aarrgh.  There is such a sense of urgency in a big blow like this.  Fingers crossed for the trees here, there, and everywhere, for the power lines, and for the barn roof.

Rain and wind were intermittent yesterday.  I left the big room open for the girls again, but they're getting really cranky with each other after days of having to stay inside and I think they may be pushing one another out into the rain.  The "people door" to the hen house did come apart as I tried to get in, another item for the growing To-Do list for when the weather calms.  I'm trying an experiment by bringing up a load of wet wood and putting it at the bottom of the rack, hoping it will dry sufficiently by the time I burn the two more wagons of the big logs I was able to haul to the porch.

Hold the good thought.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Looks like we are in for a dry spell after today's outburst..let's hope so
Get out the seed catalogues, just for Happy thoughts

Kathryn Williams said...

Can you not bring the wet wood into the house and spread it all around the living room so that it can dry with the heat of the stove until you need it? Crossing my fingers that all goes well.