Friday, December 10, 2010

Cat and Mouse

It was raining last night when I let Pearl in.  I should have been listening more closely when she asked to be "fluffed," because her, "Mmrrowff," did sound a little muffled.  It wasn't until she was running off after being dried that I realized she'd been talking with her mouth full.  We played hide-and-seek, me yelling, "Give me that mouse!"  I could swear I heard her say, "You want one?  Get your own," but her mouth was stuffed with mouse and I could have been wrong.  Given her size and my size, that cat had more places to hide than I could find.  Now I don't know whether she brought in a live mouse to play with and it got away, or if it were a dead mouse and she tucked it away for a snack later.  Neither option appeals to me.  I suppose I'd better institute new protocols and, like airport security, perform a pat-down before letting the cats into the house.  I also need to pay attention when they speak.

Almost the only sun seen all day yesterday was at dusk.  It made the trees on the hill to the east glow, even though the light was getting dim.  The lone tree on the distant hill to the left is over toward Omo Ranch, a smaller community than Fair Play, although the homes are clustered closer together.
These beautiful cloud formations are to the north, toward Lake Tahoe.  Those few patches of blue did not keep their promise.  It rained nearly all night and was still raining this morning, although it's just misting now.  I'd better get out and get the chores done while the sun plays cat and mouse in the clouds.

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Linda Cox said...

Nice job bringing it home.