Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sky On Fire

I'm not really fixated on sunsets, but last evening's was just too awesome (in the best sense of the word) not to try to capture.  There must have been a strong high wind because the clouds came marching over the hills until they filled the sky in almost the time that it took to focus and shoot.  I love the way the oaks in silhouette give perspective to the photos.   The fire blazed until it almost hurt my heart to look...and then in an instant it was gone.  The cloud cover was just a dark purple in a dark blue sky.  The show was over.
Tree Guy and son arrived late in the afternoon.  TG finished felling the limbs he considered safe, and son finished hauling the rest of the twiggy stuff up and over the fence.  There are still a few of the very tallest parts of the trunk...impossible to cut without a cherry picker or a strong, fast winch without endangering the barn.  I can live with them.  TG thinks it will take one more day's work to haul the cut rounds up out of the pen and to burn the remainder of the brush.  It can't happen this week; one, because weather is coming in, and two, my friend from the valley is coming up a day early to spend the weekend. 
Of course it's going to always rains when Dolly comes, be it winter or the middle of July.  It's become a standing joke between us.  I've got to make a run to town today to stock up on supplies.  Yesterday I made a small inroad on decorating the house for the holidays.  It depends on the weather whether or not I can haul in the Christmas trees from the shed.  We used to put one in the living room and one downstairs.  I so rarely go down there anymore, I may just skip that one.  If we're inundated with rain as we were last year, I throw some twinky lights in the fake ficus and call it good.  It all remains to be seen.

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Kathryn said...

Spectacular photos - looks like we are right there with you on Farview Farm!