Thursday, December 23, 2010


I am a procrastinator.  It's not something I'm particularly proud of, but it's a fact.  Any excuse to put off something/anything is a good one.  "I can't vacuum now because the cat is asleep."  "There's no sense raking leaves today because wind is predicted for tomorrow (or next week, or next year)."  You name it and I can find an excuse not to do it right now.  This is, I'm semi-embarrassed to say, a lifelong habit.  My mother said I suffered from dishwater trots as a child, because I disappeared to the restroom when she announced it was time to do dishes.  One of my earliest memories is the sound of my impatient father jingling the coins and keys in his pockets as his daughter (me) dragged her feet.  Term papers in high school were written on a portable typewriter as I sat on the bathroom floor the night before they were due.  It seems I have always railed against deadlines...and this year, it is Christmas.  It's even worse because the Kids decided to move our celebration back a day, giving me more time to delay.  Now I'm up against it and my back is to the wall.  I've got two batches of cookies started (but not finished).  I haven't wrapped a thing.  Deciding not to send cards was a good thought, as they wouldn't have gotten sent until after the holidays anyhow.  Well, guess what...I won't get much done today, either, as my friend Arden and I are meeting for lunch to celebrate her birthday.  Now that's a good excuse!

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Kathryn said...

A damn good excuse...but get to wrappin' Missy, as some of us hate the brown grocery bags with a store-bought bow slapped on! (Oh, that particular wrapper has gotten much better over the years.) Good thing you don't put off milking..."What's that popping sound, Bo??? Oh that's just the goats' udders...guess I got too wrapped up in this book to milk!" Haha! I think procrastination is a human I'll cut you some I NEVER procrastinate - again, hahaha!