Friday, December 24, 2010

Welcoming Committee

The Mafia boys, Tony, Carmine, Christopher, and Big Pussy (all named after characters in The Sopranos) were out in force to welcome the sun yesterday.  Well, not in full force.  I fear The Don went out for Thanksgiving dinner, and now sleeps with the fishes.  I haven't seen him for at least a month.  The boys came running as soon as I threw down their grain, but Carmine has learned that he can double back and join the hens when I open their door and get double goodies.  The chickens seem to tolerate their new breakfast companion (or perhaps he has told them "or else").
The turkeys weren't the only ones welcoming the warmth of the sun...the vultures were drying their wings after days of gloom.  They are also losing their fear of me, allowing me to come within eight feet or so as I come rattle-banging down the slope with a cart of alfalfa for the goats before they take off with their big wings going whump, whump.  It's simply amazing to be close enough to actually hear them fly by. 

It was appropriate that the sun came out to celebrate Arden's birthday.  Having put in an appearance, however, it ducked back behind thick cloud cover while we were scarfing hamburgers and onion rings at Bones and catching up on news.  It was great to spend time with my friend.

No one comes here after dark, so it was alarming when I saw headlights coming up the drive last night.  Even more heart-thumping was that they stopped halfway and didn't come on up.  Hmmm...someone lost?  Someone reconnoitering?  What's up with that?  Bess was sounding the alarm, and I was waiting and watching.  Finally, lights blazing, the UPS truck roared up the final half of the drive and The Man in Brown came bouncing up.  Bessie convinced him to put the package down on the stoop; we wished each other happy holidays and off he went.  A la "The Music Man," I always think of the UPS truck as The Wells-Fargo Wagon Is A'comin', and it's very exciting..."and it's bringing something just for me!"  There is no indication of the sender on the box, but I'm going to wait until Sunday to open it and find out...but I really, really want to!

It's Christmas Eve for the rest of the world, even for Marko, who is home from Wake Island for the holidays.  My nephew, Phil, is back in Africa, after making it home for Thanksgiving.  He's a long way from home and family now.  Here on Farview Farm, we're still in a holding pattern, and hope that Santa understands. 

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Kathryn said...

Isn't the sun WONDERFUL??? We have some too, and you should SEE the snow on Baldy. So, this mysterious package...depends on the it a box of maple sugar, or a gray mackinaw or raisins from Fresno...or perhaps some grapefruit from Tampa? Cuz I bet it is not a bathtub or a cross-cut saw...or the cannon for the courthouse square from the DAR. Oh, it's probably curtains or dishes or a double boiler...but it must be, somethin' special...just for YOU!