Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Singing In the Rain

Musashi was a "Craig's List" rooster, and he had to live in Deb and Craig's garage for a number of days before they came up here.  They mentioned that he kept a low profile and was very, very quiet that whole time, and that was a good thing because their neighborhood does not sanction chickens.  It was drizzling rain yesterday morning, but Musashi finally found his voice, standing in the open doorway of the Taj, and crowed and crowed and crowed.  He was still yodeling as I made my way to the goat barn.  He needs the practice as his voice isn't very strong, and he has to work on the words a bit more.  Instead of a full-throated "cockadoodle-doo," he gives out more of a thready "cockadooooo!"  He's still young, but I give him full marks for effort.

The feed store gives out calendars, and I picked up a new one when I dashed down to get goat chow before the brunt of the storm hit.  This year the photos are of vintage trucks (not the pin-up pictures one might expect).  There's something exciting about a completely blank calendar.  Transferring birthdays, anniversaries, etc., from the old to the new gives the opportunity to look back over the year, remembering good times.  I'm at that stage where, if I don't write it down, I'll forget, and so there is my social calendar, my financial records, and farm statistics.  I do keep a daily journal (aside from the blog), but all events of importance hang there on my wall in a nutshell.  It's fun to imagine what will fill the now-empty squares of 2011.

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Kathryn said...

Well...let's hope that the squares NEVER say things like Tree Guy or Septic, or anything whose payment would be large enough to fill up the whole square, and that they DO say the words, "Milk Buyers Coming," and "Kids Arriving" many, many times!