Monday, December 6, 2010

Nick of Time

I knew it!  That dab of rain the other night while Dolly was here was just a taste of what was to come (I said appetizers were her speciality).  That cloud cover that came in yesterday turned into a full-fledged storm last night, and she ducked out just in time.  Usually the rain and wind come from one direction or another.  Last night the rain was like something alive, pounding on this side of the house, then that, as if looking for a way in.  I was very glad to see the little red numbers on the clock this morning.  NOTE:  this is my second attempt to write this entry.  I had no sooner typed the previous sentence when the power went out and I lost it all.  Luckily, the electricity just blinked out and came right back.  So far, so good. 

My stock of alfalfa was getting low, and I ordered another ten bales yesterday.  The kid was racing to make the delivery just before the rain hit.  The cost of alfalfa and feed has really gone up, but there's no way to put the girls on a diet and they don't understand economics, so it's a case of bite-the-bullet and buy what they need.  I don't know who said what to whom first, but Cindy and Ruth got into it the other day and it got ugly.  They butted heads until their foreheads were running blood and their legs were shaking.  I learned a long time ago not to get in the middle of one of their disputes.  They become so single minded and intent that nothing will distract them, and I could easily get hurt too.  The clash when they come together shakes the ground.  It's fortunate that the fights don't normally last very long and they don't seem to hold a grudge once it's over.

I'd best get done what I can while I still have light to see.  I sent Dolly home with a couple of dozen eggs.  I wish she'd taken her rain, too.


Cally Kid said...

It might be time to look into getting a small UPS. No, not United Parcel Service...Un-interruptible Power Supply. It is a large battery that will provide power to your computer long enough to do a "save" on your work before you lose it. Maybe you should design some helmets for the goats that could hold your baking ingredients that need mixing and kneading. No need for a powerful dough mixing machine. Or egg whites to meringue without the effort. Just stand back while the ice gets crushed for the frozen Margaritas! Ground your coffee, the Go-Green way. Though you would have no choice between drip style or expresso.

Linda Cox said...

LOL at the appetizer comment!