Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long Trip

I so rarely leave home, and then seldom going more than thirty miles away.  However, I have spent the last two days in cyberspace trying to get an issue with Norton Internet Security resolved.  My traveling companions were Sanjay, Durga, Thrinesh, Don (Don?), and Swarup.  The fact that I only have dial-up service contributed to the problem that my new friends were unable to solve.  One download took ten hours, and even then was unsuccessful.  It was suggested that I run over to a neighbor's house with a high-speed connection and perform the download there or, when I explained there were no houses nearby to run to, I should go to a cyber cafe.  Even working at a distance, I could see the expression on their faces when I said that town was twenty miles away and didn't even have a Starbuck's, let alone a cyber cafe!  On the first day, Sanjay had been very sympathetic because I had made the mistake of making his acquaintance before going to the barn and, after working with him for three hours, I said I had to go milk the goats before they popped.  He said he was sorry...I said he wasn't as sorry as they were.  It seems that although I initially received Norton via CD, they are unwilling/unable to send me the files I need to update the system on a CD.  I cannot believe that I am the only computer user left in the world with dial-up.  I tried...I really tried to get satellite service through AT&T.  Unreal as it seems for a company that covers the world, AT&T does not provide that service in this area.  I was told, "Maybe in two days, two weeks, two years...who knows?"  It's a long trip to cyberspace, and it appears you can't get there from here.

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Cally Kid said...

I can sympathize with your molasses-for-internet speeds but being stuck out in the Pacific and 600 miles away from our nearest neighbor even I have a better connection than poor-ole-you. You need to get a rooster for the Silkes and enlarge your Silke Chorus Line.