Monday, April 25, 2011

Better Than Chocolate

Heavy fog in the morning, followed by heavy rain down at the barn...oh goody.  And then my personal sunshine arrived!  Deb and Craig and Craig's parents, Terry and Arvin, drove up (with KFC!).  Talk about "make my day!"  I'd been resigned to not seeing the Kids until May, so my delight was beyond words.  It's been a long time since Terry and Arvin have been up and it was a special treat to see them.  They are two of the most kind and gentle people (and their son is just like them), and it is always a pleasure to spend time in their company.  Whenever there was a break in the clouds, we'd all dash outside.  On the deck, dozens of hummingbirds buzzed and slurped and performed their aerial ballet for the guests.  Turkeys and doves came to feed under the oak and display their feathered finery.  The Silkies were the main attraction.  The chicks did their jump-and-flutter with stumpy little wings.  Musashi demonstrated what a good provider and protector he is.  The hens fluffed up with self-importance.  They were a big hit.  My Easter surprise was better than any chocolate rabbit or colored egg.  The house seemed very quiet after the last call of "Love you!" as they drove down the drive died away.

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Kathryn said...

Awwwww, you MADE my day - Thanks, Deb and Craig for surprising your mom! What a FANTASTIC Easter it turned out to be, and I bet the piggy-on-the-table (or not) was barely missed!!! Good job, guys!! Oh, and you didn't tell YOUR chickens what WAS on the table, did ya?