Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Da Sun, Boss! Da Sun!

My last thought before sleep last night was a reminder to beat Trash Guy to the corner.  My first thought on opening my eyes this morning was, "Oh, dammit!," because the sun was shining and I knew I'd blown my timing.  A quick look at the clock...no, it's way early...so what's wrong with this picture?  It was sunrise!  Mornings have been foggy, overcast, rainy, stormy and it's been awhile since I've actually seen sunrise.  Oooh, it's going to be a good day!

This little mousie is a regular at the breakfast buffet in the barn.  She (or maybe "he") takes a flake of rolled corn to her favorite dining alcove between two studs on the wall in front of the milking stand and cleans her plate before going back for seconds.  She, like the goats, seems to like a predictable routine.

After a cold, rainy start to the day yesterday, the sun did make periodic appearances in the afternoon and I headed out to the garden again.  Planning to plant peas, I weeded the big tub up against the fence (a natural trellis), but then discovered I'd stuck the cilantro packet in my pocket instead and so had to clean out an area for that.  Cilantro is a great multipurpose plant.  The leaves add so much flavor to a dish, and then when the seeds dry, they magically become coriander.  In the groove, and with the sun's continued cooperation, I prepped another barrel before heading back to the house and the warmth of the wood stove.  Bessie Anne accompanied me while I rooted around in the dirt, and it occurred to me that she must think I'm a little balmy.  There I am, pulling out all this green, growing stuff only so I can grow more green stuff.  I see her point.  I read the seed packets carefully and the majority say, "Do not plant until after the last frost."  Frost does not come labeled "The End," so it's pretty much a case of by guess and by golly.  One can only hope.  Gardeners are eternal optimists.  I think I'll plant the peas today.

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Kathryn said...

I LOVE cilantro...and I'm smiling at the picture of three nebulously-shaped frosty, Casper-like creatures lined up...the last of which has a sign around the neck that say, "Finis!" Happy planting, and here's hoping that your sunshine is here to stay!