Thursday, April 21, 2011


There was a glitch in the program.  I'd ordered alfalfa and grain for the kids and delivery was due yesterday.  Patrick called in the late afternoon; there had been a lack of communication at Mt. Aukum and it was too late to load and deliver.  Arrrgh.  I'd scraped the bottom of the barrel in the morning, so had to run down and pick up at least one bag of "cereal" for the girls.  Those seventy-five pound bags that the boys sling so effortlessly over their shoulders are getting harder for me to unload and haul around. 

It had been a beautiful sunny day, but the first raindrops hit the windshield on my way back from the feed store.  By eight o'clock, it was an honest-to-God deluge.  Frank and Pearl were stranded outside somewhere.  When the downpour lessened to a drizzle, I turned on the porch light (the cats' visual notice it's time to come in) and called for them...and they came running.  Since they were reasonably dry, they must have taken refuge in the feed barn.  I have been relieved of the responsibility of complaining about the rain.  Pearl has taken over and she did, long and loud.  She just came in from her morning constitutional and she's still grumbling (and it's still raining).  I'm wishing I'd gotten more seeds planted in the garden and let Nature do the watering.

Patrick will have a better excuse if he can't make the delivery today.

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Kathryn said...

75 pounds???? Woman, where are those RCMP men when you need them??? I'd send sunshine, but "we ain't got none, neither!!" Hope you have a good book with which to curl up and enjoy!!!