Friday, April 15, 2011


To market, to market to buy a fat hog.  Home again, home again...without the danged ham.  This Mrs. Piggy went to market, and had to ask the cashier if smelling salts would be available at checkout.  A small ham of unknown brand and lesser quality was thirty-five to forty dollars.  It's a good thing my family had already decided, in the interest of conserving gasoline ($4.18 at the cheapest station yesterday), to combine Easter, Mother's Day, and my birthday into one celebration.  This is normally my "bonanza" time of year when I see a lot of my Kids.  Economics being what they are, it only makes sense to roll the visits into one.  One of those ridiculous hams would not have been enough to feed my gang.  No wonder the store had put out a bin of frozen turkeys, too.  A pound of butter, for crying out loud, was pennies under five dollars.  My mother had served the same menu at Easter that her mother had put on the table, and it's the only Easter menu my Kids have ever had.  It hurts my heart to break a tradition that is, let's face it, over one-hundred years old.  The cashier just looked at me blankly when I asked about smelling salts, but I'm really surprised that customers weren't falling over left and right.  I know I got a little weak in the knees when she hit the total key.

Bumper stickers seem to have gone out of vogue, but I saw one yesterday that made me smile.  "Hug a logger.  You'll never go back to trees."  It went right along with the song on the radio, "Save a horse.  Ride a cowboy!"  (A little country humor there.)

Home again, home again, jiggety-jog, was a gorgeous drive.  Even more fruit trees were in bloom, but not the dogwood that predicts the last snow.  That thirty-minute ride through the countryside was enough to bring peace to my soul.  We sold our travel trailer shortly after moving to Fair Play.  There was no other place we wanted to go.  When I come back, I'm Home.


Kathryn said...

Sounds like your gas prices are keeping up with ours...and yep, we may all get skinnier simply because of food prices...but just remember, there has been NO cost of living increase since 2008...oh wait, you DON'T take into account the cost of energy and food - oh, ok...those aren't important anyway. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

At least your Kids will read the blog and adjust their taste buds accordingly, and from what you have said about them, all will understand, enjoy whatever is on the table, and then clear that same table for the poker game. Sorry tho that you won't get your Easter piggy!

Jennie Bolen said...

These prices really are crazy. The skinnier part I like for me, but I don't want my babies loseing any weight, I guess I'll just have to feed them my share of food, and goats milk of course. ;) Speaking of that, are we on for today? And do you happen to have extra eggs? If not, no big deal. :)

Bo said...

Yes to both, Jennie. And, honey, you drop that baby you're carrying and you'll be a LOT skinnier!

Can't tell you, Kathryn, how I'm looking forward to seeing the Kids. I've been in family withdrawal for a while now.