Friday, April 8, 2011

Just the Thought

In the bright sunshine of the day before, I received and confirmed a request for a "reservation" from Dolly.  I've mentioned in the past that Dolly is notorious for bringing weather, regardless of the time of year.  Now it appears that just the thought of a visit is enough to bring snow.  I could send her to drought-stricken counties and countries and we could save the world! 
As I stepped out on the deck this morning, this poor little hummer came to take a lick off his breakfast popsicle from the snow-covered feeder.

It's funny that Bullock's Department Store came up in the comments yesterday.  Not so long ago, Judy gave me some lemons and I made Angel Lemon Delight, a dessert I'd not made in years, and that brought back so many memories.  Every year, my mother and I went to Bullock's in Pasadena to shop for new school clothes (before I went to boarding school).  Tired and laden with shopping bags, we would go to the la-de-dah tea room upstairs and I looked forward to Angel Lemon Delight.  Mother cajoled the chef into giving her the recipe.  The first bite here was enough to put me into the time machine and I was transported back to Bullock's (but still wearing bibbies).

Haven't seen a dogwood in bloom yet, so we'll get snow again.


Kathryn said...

OK, now THAT'S a picture worth a thousand words...Bo, in bibbies, sitting in the Bullock's Pasadena (We never said "Pasadena Bullocks" - it was always Bullock's Pasadena!") tea room, legs crossed in an ever-so-ladylike position, Angel Lemon Delight in front of her, and, in her hand, a tea-cup...raised to her lips...and the la-de-dah pinkie extended in the air, just to make sure the picture is complete. And oh, by the way...her tongue is in her cheek...and Dolly is with her... and it's raining!!! (And you readers had better all know this comment is made in good-humored fun...with love!!)

Bo said...

You forgot to include the s**t-covered barn boots! Now the picture is complete.

Remember, the real events were in the day when ladies never went shopping without a hat, gloves, and stockings with seams up the back.

Kathryn said...

I actually didn't know the adjective-laden name of your black/shoes boots...that WOULD make the picture at Bullocks even sweeter. But it does seem to me that you have a pair of "go-to-town" shoes/boots. I thought FOR SURE you'd wear those to Bullocks!!! I did have gloves and a few hats but think I only wore those to church, and we moved to San Diego before I was wearing hose. Actually, I don't think I ever went to "real events" based on what you have said about the attire. Fun to go down memory lane tho!

Cally Kid said...

As I sit here at work in short pants, sandals and no shirt I find it hard to make a connection with todays blog about snow, frozen hummingbird pops, Bullocks, pantyhose and hats. I think I'll make an iced coffee, slip out of my sandals and trim my toenails. Did I mention that they are going to extend my trip? I have to go to Kauai again for another two weeks. Dang, they're testing my endurance in this hot, humid Pacific. 82 degrees and it's only 8am here!