Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Joyce and Me

I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree.

Maybe because it's spring, snippets of poetry keep popping into my head.  Are kids still required to learn poetry in school these days?  I remember being surprised to find that Joyce Kilmer was a man (that was before I learned that Marion Morrison was The Duke).  Mary had a little lamb, Longfellow, Tennyson, Chaucer (Chaucer was pretty bawdy, especially when taught by Sr. Marie Antoinette!), working my way up to Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti.  e e cummings drove me nuts with his lack of capitalization and punctuation.  But I digress.

Trees play such a big role in my life here.  (I much prefer them standing upright than falling down.)  This lacy oak, just hit with early morning sun, is such a beauty.  That "lace" is not leaves; long fronds of pollen are the bane of allergy sufferers.  I don't understand the tree's need for pollen as these oaks propagate by acorns.  I'm not affected by allergies, but the sticky green stuff floats through the air and coats the truck and everything else.  The first round of pick-up-sticks will begin soon to clear the yards for mowing.  Mountains of leaves need to be raked.  Birds of all sizes and varieties fill the branches.  The shade provides blessed relief in the heat of summer, and logs give heat in winter.  Conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen keeps us and the earth alive.  And they are beautiful...more lovely than a poem.


Jennie Bolen said...

And that is exactly what I'll be doing today, picking up all the accumulated fallen branches and sticks from the storms and burning them before that storm comes in tomorrow gets them all soaked again. Along with cleaning the house and baking bread again. It's definitely colder today, I hope it doesn't snow here but Drew said something about the possibility of going down to 1500ft, We're at 3200ft here so I'm thinking we might see the darn white stuff falling from the sky. 2 weeks and 5 days remaining until my induction date, I really want Elijah to come home to warm spring air. Every one of my babies has had high billy-ruben levels, and everytime the doctors have told me they might need to lay under the UV lamps at the hospital. But everytime, I've taken my babies home and laid with them in the sun (indoors of course) and have been able to lower everyone of their high levels natuarally. I'll definitely be bringing a fresh little newborn to your house in no time when picking up milk, so be prepared. :) As far as the poetry in public school, I've only seen Dr. Suess so far but then again, Micaela is only in first grade.

Kathryn said...

They don't seem to teach them grammar, so why would we think they would teach them poetry??!! However, I don't know for sure, but I would think that at least in Advanced Placement English classes in high school they might. I did laugh because I'm sure as kids, we ALL thought Joyce Kilmer was a woman - heck, I was surprised as an adult that Carroll O'Connor was a man! And I just Googled Joyce Kilmer, and didja know that his name was Alfred Joyce Kilmer? Can't you hear it now, "Honey, shall we call him Al or Joyce?" Let's go with Joyce - we don't want him to be too manly!" The pic is beautiful, by the way! Hope your spring has sprung...we just had a few April Showers!