Thursday, April 7, 2011

New In Town

Maybe the cats were batting something around in the breakfast room.  No, the cats were sleeping.  The intermittent thump continued.  Hmmm.  Passing through the dining room to check again, this astonishing splash of color flew against the window and then retreated to cling to the hummingbird feeders.  I've certainly never seen this bird before!
The fluttering and thumping went on for some time.  I tried to get a photo, but scared the bird off into the pine tree where he hid.  Checking the bird book, I found this is a Bullock's oriole.  Bull-headed is more like it.  In just a short while he was back, this time at the kitchen windows, and I grabbed the camera once more. 
Odds are he was attempting to do battle with that handsome rival in the glass, but as he banged and clung to the screen it seemed that he wanted in.  I informed him that breakfast was served al fresco under the oak and he had missed it.  This new face in town is certainly the most colorful of any of the local birds.  I hope he is the vanguard of more to come.

Awoke to rain, wind, and cold this morning...typical April.


Linda Cox said...

Some gifts just keep on giving don't they? Your photos just get better and better. I know you smile every time you pick up your

Kathryn said...

Totem #2???? And I agree with Linda - the photos are GREAT!

Cally Kid said...

Yea, great pic of your truck. Be even better if that bird hadn't gotten in the way. So, that bird migrated all the way from Baltimore?

Jennie Bolen said...

Yay, you got pictures. Yup, that's definitely the Bullocks Oriole, Isn't it? What a handsome little guy. I hope I get to see him tomorrow but I think it's suppose to still be rainy. Looking forward to getting milk, we're running super low. Not sure when we'll be over but I'm thinking not until after I pick up Micaela, so probably in the afternoon. Is that okay?

Bo said...

No, Callie! I got him at BULLOCK'S. (Do they still have Bullock's department stores any more? They did when I was a kid, but that was a l-o-n-g time ago. Shut up, Mark.)

Can't promise about the bird, but an afternoon milk run is good for me, Jennie.

Kathryn said...

Bo, I think it's probably a MACY'S Oriole now...or maybe a BLOOMINGDALE'S Oriole. Funny, I was thinking that earlier when I saw Bullocks, and even commented to my dad that it should be Macy's...and here you guys are - feeding right into my smart-ass comments!! Ah...Bullock's Pasadena - every young girl's dream of how the rich folk live, when she gets to go there with her grandmother and later with her "fairy-godmother-mentor!" And I think there was a Robinsons there too....on Lake??? See Mark, I'm old too - just not as old as you-know-who(m?)