Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two In a Row

Simple pleasures for simple minds.  I just love sunrise.  There is a building sense of anticipation as the sky turns color and the timpani in my mind play a drum roll.  On some days I hear Frank Sinatra singing, "...and the dawn comes up like thunder....."  Last night's moon seems to have hardly moved, still hanging in the eastern sky, teasing the sun to "catch me if you can."  Jackrabbits are early risers, breaking up their conclaves out by the driveway when the sky turns pink, and when it's light enough to see the feeders, the hummers are already gathering like locals at the coffee shop. 

There were a few anxious moments yesterday morning while I was milking Cindy, first in line.  I can watch the rest of the herd up by the corner of the pen from the milking stand, and suddenly they all stopped eating, heads up and pointed one way, and gave the stamp-and-snort for danger.  Stepping out to see what had them panicked, I encountered a very large dog that looked alarmingly like a wolf on, thankfully, the other side of the fence in Joel and Judy's vineyard.  That dog was intently staring at the goats and I couldn't tell if it was wondering what they were or how they'd taste.  Bessie Anne came woo-wooing down the hill to proclaim her territory, and I grabbed the cell phone to alert Judy of the intruder.  Bess, at half the size, must have made a believer of the big dog because he ran off through the vineyard and there was peace in the pen again.

Still too wet to mow, the afternoon was spent in the sunshine planting peas(!), prepping another barrel, and pulling bracken.  Fulfilling the early morning promise, it was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

I just wrote a long comment and it DISAPPEARED with a glitch! Oh well, suffice it to say that you put me to shame...I don't get up early enough to see the sunrise, and my little garden and yard looks like crap right now! OK, the first one was waaaay better, but I have to go to work, which is one of the reasons that my garden looks like crap! I hope you have another glorious day!!