Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fits and Starts

My ambition seems to come in spurts...pretty much on an every-other-day basis.  After getting so much done the day before, yesterday was a do-nothing day.  I am becoming somewhat obsessive right now about the danged weeds, and did get another patch cleared before going to the barn.  I pulled some of the tall grasses by the front shed to give to the chickens (not all weeds are good for the hens).  Since the little girls are no longer free ranging, they enjoy the greenery and come running to the fence for their treats.  It took only a little while for the pullets to taste and then devour their portion, never having had that in their diet before.  We're now in the dreaded foxtail season.  If I'm not bent over out in the yard, I'm bent over picking up foxtails from the carpet, brought in by the dog and cats.  There's no getting away from those blasted pointy seeds.  Since the new pen opened up, Bess no longer goes down into the south pasture, so maybe we can avoid the pain and expense of burrs in her ears and eyes this year.

Since yesterday was a day off, that must mean today is a work day...if my ambition kicks in. 


Kathryn said...

Guess what...I think women "of a certain age" get to make their own go ahead and take a SECOND day off if you want. It's not exactly like you have ANY days off if you think about it, as you do indeed do your "farm chores" every morning and night, so see, you ARE productive. Enjoy it any way you want!

Linda Cox said...

Did you put a roof over the coop?