Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kind Hearts & Gentle People

There was an unfortunate incident here on Thursday.  Joel, having a little extra time and a big heart, came to disk down my south pasture.  Tootling around on the first pass through the tall weeds, an implement Steve had left in the field caught and cut a big drive wheel on the tractor.  Joel was able to make it back as far as the feed barn before the tire went completely flat, and he had to go on shank's mare down the hill to home.  Changing a tire on a tractor is not quite the same as on the family sedan.  Joel and Tire Guy came yesterday to assess the damage; there was, for a little while, hope that the tire could just be plugged on site.  So much for that.  Those tires are huge, and not only was the cut severe, the inner tube had also been cut.  I had not realized that the tubes were filled with water for added weight and stability.  In the end, Tire Guy took the tire back to the shop, either for repair or replacement.  Joel will be without his tractor for a week or more, and I have a (temporary) piece of yard art.  Heck of a way to repay his act of kindness.

My friend Arden is on grandma duty at my neighbors' down the hill this weekend, and took the opportunity to stop by for a chat.  We are both avid readers, so our conversations always include, "What have you read lately?"  Arden belongs to an organized group, but I consider her my very own book club.  I miss the easy access to Arden's friendship that I enjoyed when she lived just across the road.

Even though we've been given a respite from the heat the past few days, watering the vegetable garden needs to be done before barn chores.  Tending to that yesterday, I found the pea vines are full of blossoms, and some are even pea-ing.  It's hard to remember what it was like before the advent of frozen food.  When peas are on the menu, it takes a lot longer than going to the freezer and then five minutes on the stove.  The peas must be picked and then shelled, and it takes a lot more pods to provide enough for a meal than one would think.  Fresh from the garden, they do not come in uniform size, sorted as the frozen type are.  I always throw a couple of pods into the pot, along with a pinch of sugar, to enhance the pea flavor.  Carrots are up, but it seems they take forever to come to size.  The tomatoes are big, healthy, and starting to flower.  The turnips are growing apace, and the lettuce which was planted first is just about ready for a salad!

Bessie Anne is still taking it easy, but seems to rest well.  She may be moving slow, but at least she's walking.

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Kathryn said...

Here's hoping that Tire Guy can work his magic with a speedy and inexpensive repair, and that veggies rule at Farview!