Sunday, June 5, 2011

Him Again

This lizard gets a big "P" for persistence.  (Again, I'm falling back on photos taken on sunny days.)  He evidently has permanently moved into the barrel where the lettuce is planted.  I run into him there every time I go out to weed.  Rather than have him run over my hands as I work, I lift him out...he moves back in.  I'm familiar with the little blue-bellies and the big, ugly alligator lizards around here, but this one, with his iridescent turquoise markings, is a new one to me.  Ohmigosh...I just went back and took a closer look at the lizard who came to sit on my leg some time back in the south pasture.  It's the same type and size, and now I'm left to wonder if it is the same lizard.  Is it possible I have a stalker?

There was no dodging the rain bullet yesterday.  It poured most of the day.  I'm pretty darned tired of pants wet to the knee from slogging through calf-high unmown weeds on the way down to the barn.  When it finally let up in the late afternoon, Bess and I ran outside like kids let out of school.  Too wet still to do much else, I started weeding the front walkway.  Weeds.  Weeds everywhere.  Shaking mud left and right, I got one side done before Bessie said it was time to call it quits.  When she's had enough, she lies down right in front of me and won't budge.  Bessie Anne knows best.

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Kathryn said...

Nope, not your stalker...your Totem, Bocahontas! Maybe he is there as a symbol to show that nothing can get you down - as if he is saying, "If I can grow another tail, you, "woman of a certain age," can accomplish miracles too! (Just don't think you have any control over the weather!) I guess your lizard just likes YOUR salad bar best! And it really is quite fascinating that Bessie Anne is your "union time clock" if she could just grant you a pay raise, she'd be as sought after as Duke, the Bush's Baked Beans talking Golden Retriever! Praying for sun, Oh "White Woman With Curly Hair!"