Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll

I've got to hand it to those SoCal's either their sunny personalities or they're sissy-la-la's who don't want to get way or another, both of my recent guests have brought the sunshine along.  It was so pleasant to stroll out to introduce Kit to the chickens and then to inspect the garden.  The carrots are coming up, and "my" lizard was also basking in the sun, getting fat on whatever insects he's finding in the lettuce barrel.  The afternoon just flew by, words flowing in a torrent as we tried to pack a year's worth of stored conversation into one day.

The morning had an auspicious start when I spied a turkey mom with the first chicks of the season as I took a turn around the deck.  Even better, my son sent a picture of my granddaughter up on her feet in the hospital after a week in intensive care following her surgery.  Poppy's limp was much better as she made her way to the barn in the evening. 

I couldn't have asked for a better day.

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