Monday, June 6, 2011

Lizard Totem

Who among us can resist taking a peek at our horoscope?  Who throws away that slip of paper in the fortune cookie without reading?  It is not necessary to believe, but there is always that hope for good news.  Tongue in cheek, I have referred to the resident lizard as my "totem," as he seems to have chosen me with very unlizardlike behavior.  Given a choice, I think I would have picked a possibly more glamorous creature, although, with his brilliant turquoise markings, my lizard is pretty good looking, as lizards go.  Becoming curious, and with time on my hands since it was still raining, I looked to see if there really was such a thing as a lizard totem.  And there is.  According to the sources I found, lizards are associated with dreams, awakening the subconscious and relating it to reality, preparing one for change, teaching to trust in one's own intuitions.  "These animals act as guides, surfacing in our lives depending on where we head and what we need at a given moment."  It could be worse.

There was another break in the rain in the afternoon and Bessie Anne and I headed out for more weeding.  This has all the aspects of a painting project.  You see the house isn't bad, but could use fresh paint.  You pick the room that needs it most and paint that.  It looks good.  But then you look around and see that now all the other rooms look worse.  While I'm busy yanking weeds out of one patch, the weeds are busy growing everywhere else.  My personal time clock let me down yesterday.  Evidently Bess felt that the walkway in front needed to be finished before quitting time, so I stayed bent over long after I was ready to stop.  Finally she showed mercy and plopped in front of me.  It took a little longer to straighten up so we could go in the house.  The walks look good...but what about the rock garden?

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Kathryn said...

I'm sure your friends won't care which rooms have been "painted" and which haven't, and if the rock garden has weeds, or not, but kudos to you for doing it and weeds have become my dear friends.....NOT! And your Lizard Totem seems to have some pretty good attributes. Here's a toast to sunshine and friendships and life in general!!!