Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Missed A Spot

The other morning (when the sun was shining) I passed through the living room and caught Frank helping Pearl with her grooming, getting at those hard-to-reach places.  He does the same thing for Bessie Anne, even lifting up her ears to do a thorough job...and she tolerates this.

Both Frank and Pearl are supplementing their diet with voles, those tiny rodents that are even more numerous than ground squirrels.  Once in awhile I'll find evidence of a gopher or mole, but it is mainly the voles whose tunnels create the ankle busters in the walkways.  Voles are larger than mice, yet not so big as a mole.  The cats seem to consider them Farview fast food, and bring their snacks to the front porch for a picnic.  I wish I could get them to clean up their leftovers, as it presents a less than attractive welcome.  It is amazing though, that the inedible internal organs appear to have been surgically removed, completely intact, and bloodless.

Tree Guy and No. Three son came by the other day.  Tree Guy continues to whittle away at the fallen field oak.  The trunk was resting rather precariously on the edge of the stump and I was concerned that it might present a danger to the goats whenever they are allowed into that area.  As he took care of that, dropping the massive trunk to the ground, No. Three son brought his own weedeater and cut down the overgrowth of weeds between the barrels in the vegetable garden.  Now it's only the weather that precludes me from planting more vegetables.  Six tomato plants sit waiting on the front porch.

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Kathryn said...

Looks like Pearl is getting the pampered treatment - imagine most brothers taking such good care of their sisters....NOT! But maybe when your belly is full of vole, you are in a magnanimous mood. "Vole"...doesn't exactly roll off the tongue in a melodious fashion, does it? Sounds like if the bad weather continues, you can just make dinner from the front porch..."Soup's on...Vole Guts 'n Tomatoes...Come and Get It!!"