Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pots and Pets

When my high school roomie arrived last week, she brought a gift from another SoCal friend of mine, snacks and fancy staples cleverly packed into a flower pot.  The accompanying note stated the pot was "The Lady Lucinda Memorial Posy Pot," in honor of Lucy, the goat who died earlier this year.  Rain is predicted for four days out of seven this week and I wanted to get the pot planted yesterday, but then decided to decorate it so that Lucy will have flowers summer and winter.  I have potting soil and petunias at the ready...I'll let the rain do the watering.

All those little chicklets that didn't fill a shoebox when they came now are outgrowing their big rabbit cage.  It doesn't seem quite right to throw them out into a cold, wet world, so even if I could get the outside pen prepared, they'll have to stay crowded but dry in the laundry room for the time being.  They're all fully feathered now, and the baby fluff they shed lay in drifts in the corners.  Just walking toward their room sets off a frenzy as they flutter and yeep, yelling for more service in this establishment.  More water!  More food!  They are bottomless pits.

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Kathryn said...

You have turned a common, everyday, unadorned, rather boring ol' resin flower pot into a work of art that would make ANYONE smile - sure did me, and I think Lucy is smiling and enjoying her constant supply of God's evergreen, lush grass. Your talent is as big as your heart...and pretty colors too! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!!!