Saturday, May 28, 2011

As Good As

Sometimes I have to take my sunshine where I find it.  Yesterday was another dreary day that drained all ambition.  The grey sky and cold wind were not an incentive to get the mowing done.  It's almost June, for crying out loud!

On my way back from town the day before, as I was slowly negotiating the deep ruts and potholes, I found thousands of tiny mini-suns beside the road and thought I'd better capture them right then.  Sometimes a reflection is as good as the real thing to lift one's spirits.  These tiny, but tall, dandelions are all over the fields and meadows in the hills, splashes of sunshine even on the gloomiest days.  This photo is from the road approaching my house, looking up into the south pasture.  The copse of live oaks and buck brush is at the corner of my driveway and the dirt road, and the big oak just over the crest is what is left of the tree that split.

I had thought because the feeding trough was not being completely emptied as it had been, perhaps the chicks in the laundry room were past their growth spurt and were getting full on less.  Ha!  It dawned on me it was because their heads are now too big to fit through the holes in the chick feeder to get to the bottom of the tray.  It is time to remove that safety cover and start weaning them to adult pellets instead of chick mash.  Whenever the sun does shine, I've got to get them moved outdoors.

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Kathryn said...

The second I read "copse," I was transported back to high school when I would pick books from the approved reading list of classics, based on their titles, and the English ones seemed to be full of copses and games of whist in the parlor, and squires. Here's to more than "mini-suns" in your day, mowing when you are in the mood, and chicks that have a new outdoor home soon.