Monday, May 23, 2011

Down On the Farm

City Mouse had her first experience with the goats yesterday.  She did wonderfully well at her first attempt at milking, got milk flowing on the first squirt, and then decided to leave the job to the expert (that would be me).  Having someone with me in the milking room is a choreographed event.  "Move to the right.  Step into the other room and shut the door.  Move to the left."  The girls aren't used to strangers in their space and sometimes freak out and not behave, as was the case with Inga, whom I finally had to rope to get her into the barn so I could finish chores for the morning.  Stepping outside as we were ready to leave, the entire herd mobbed City Mouse, rubbing and mouthing pants, boots, and generally delighting Mouse.  Some had walked away before I could get the camera out, but I know this photo will be a happy reminder for her.  I had to convince her that goats do not make good house pets.

The chicks in the laundry room are growing apace, eating everything in sight and emptying their trough at least twice a day.  What goes in must come out, so they are requiring a little more attention these days.  They and I will be glad when they've reached the stage when they can go outside to join the "big" little girls.

It's always fun for me to introduce a newbie to what I consider the joys of Farview.  Today will bring new adventures.

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Kathryn said...

I hope all adventures are good ones, and that you have sunshine on your shoulders...all day and all evening!