Sunday, May 22, 2011

City Mouse

Yesterday was pretty much a flurry of housekeeping, awaiting the arrival of my friend.  It's a good thing she called while on the road to confirm directions because the computer map she had would have sent her miles and miles out of the way.  This place, in the back of beyond, is hard enough to find as it is.  And then Sandy arrived.  She went by Sandye with an "e" in high school, but is Alexandra now, and it suits her (but old habits are hard to break).  One would never have known Sandy had just driven for ten hours, stepping out of the car band-box fresh and pressed.  My good pair of bibbies was hanging on the line so I could only stand there in my grubbies, feeling very much the Country Mouse...and it didn't matter one single minute.  Funny how a good hug can do that. 

I lost my standing as NASCAR Central as we were too busy chattering like magpies, catching up on fifty-four years of history, to turn on last night's race and so I had no information when my son called for an update.  I'm so ashamed.

In addition to tending to the big house yesterday, I also fixed the hole where the Silkie had escaped with a handy chunk of four-by-four.  It pays not to throw anything away.  One just never knows.

The sun is shining.  It's going to be a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Awww, Sandye, Sandy, Alexandra will love reading the blog and getting her very own title. I'm sure the City Mouse will have a ball with the Country Mouse...who knows, she may never want to be a City Mouse again...or she may say, "This country thing is just too much WORK for another woman of 'a certain age'!" We shall stay tuned. Enjoy your time in the sunshine!