Sunday, May 1, 2011

Here We Go Again

I had no intention of raising more chicks this year.  I've liked having my laundry room back, being able to throw in a load of wash at any old time of day or night and not worrying about disturbing the babies, leaving the door open for light and air down the hall.  Having only seven hens in the flock of layers, I'll admit to a passing thought that I might need more chickens.  (I must be daft.  I'm picking up three to five eggs a day, not counting the Silkies'...and there's only me to eat them!)  Bessie Anne has been begging and begging for more chicks to watch, and I've been saying no.
I went to Mt. Aukum for feed, gas for the tractor, and lengths of chain for the new pen gates.  The chain was downstairs...and so were the newly arrived chicks.  Well, I'll just take a peek.  Well, Bessie has been a very good girl and deserves a reward.  Well, I'll have four Araucanas, four barred rocks, and four Rhode Island reds.  And throw some chick mash into the feed order.  I must be daft.

Right now, the little barred rocks look like penguins, black with a white topknot and collar and wearing white diapers.  It's hard to believe that anything so tiny can be so loud.  Even through the closed door, the yeeping can drown out the TV!  Sometimes I think that Bessie Anne is trying some sort of Vulcan mind meld, she stares so intently at her charges.  It never works.  We are back in the routine...anytime I head down the hall for whatever reason, Bessie thinks we should open the door and check on the chicks.  I must be daft.

Update:  thankfully, Pearl and Lucky appear fully recovered.

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Kathryn said...

Pearl and Lucky have fully recovered...and now THEIR MOTHER IS DAFT!!! Of course, you COULD look at it this way - you are educating us flatlander city-folk and you needed more fodder for your blog (in case you publish for money some day, like The Egg and I) and so you needed some "show and tell" on how to raise chicks...or maybe you just forgot the fact that rewarding Bessie Anne = more work for momma! But maybe your neighbors will just need some inexpensive healthy, free range eggs in the long run, so there ya have it...or maybe you are just DAFT!! Have fun!!