Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Routine Reigns

Once again, after a guest's departure the house seems very quiet.  City Mouse has taken with her a variety of new experiences:  milking a goat, watching the process of making cheese, turning her head to watch a car go up the road, enjoying a hamburger in a biker bar.  Country stuff.  I hope she will have good memories.

Inga, upset by the change in routine and not coming into the barn the day before, was a booger to milk yesterday with that overfull took a record twenty-five minutes to accomplish.  I guess we all get set in our ways.  The chicks in the laundry room are growing like corn in can watch them get taller by the minute.  Where I could fill their feed trough once a it takes three times a day and they are like ravenous wolves when I put the feeder down.  I cannot yet put them in with the hens...they would be hawk bait...but it won't be any time at all before they've outgrown their temporary home and I haven't decided yet how to make the transition.  If I can make it safe, they may move into Stumpy's old, covered pen.

It's back to the status quo for all us country mice.

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