Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thunder Rolls

(With apologies to Garth Brooks.)  Nothing much of note happened yesterday except the electrical storm that blew through in the afternoon and, for a brief time, it was a doozy.  I had received a phone call when the sky darkened, the wind picked up force, and the the lightning struck, followed by rolling thunder.  When the phone crackled in my ear as lightning lit the sky nearby, it was time to hang up and go unplug the computer and other vulnerable appliances.  Running through the rain, I hurried to close the hen house door.  The silly chickens had been in the coop, but came outside to see what I was doing and got soaked.  The day started out cold and got colder.  The darned wood stove is still being balky, belching smoke periodically and slow to catch fire.  It finally cooperated and Bess and the cats decided it would be better to stay curled up and warm instead of accompanying me to put the goats to bed.  The rain hadn't lasted long, but I can't say I blamed them.

There isn't a cloud in the sky this morning...we'll see.


Kathryn said...

I heard that 14,000 Amador County residents lost power yesterday, and like you, we have blue skies today. Let's hope nothing rains on our respective parades, or in your case...The Farview Circus!!

Cally Kid said...

The winds here on Kauai are westerly so must be streaming from your neck of the woods. The clouds have been deluging all of the islands with rain, rain and more rain. So much so that minor flooding and road closures have been in the news for the last 2 weeks. I can relate to your wet clothes and drenched soil as most of our work lately has been outside. The difference is that the temps are still in the 80s. Hoping that when I return home on Friday the sun will have returned for us in Northern Calif.