Friday, May 27, 2011

Farview Style

The sun came out and stayed out yesterday. After a quick but necessary run to town, I decided that the yards had dried out enough to mow and went out to get the little tractor from where it is kept under shelter in an open wing of the feed barn.  As I went to fill the gas tank, I noticed blobs of mud all over the engine cowling, steering wheel, etc.  It looked like some naughty little kid had thrown splats of mud all over.  Now where the heck did that come from?

My first thought was mud-dauber wasps, but I've seen lots of their nests and have never known them to be so untidy.  Looking up, I found this swallow's nest.  There are those who might not find such a discovery so exciting, but I think it is way beyond cool.  I've watched those graceful, swooping birds in flight around here, but never thought they'd ever choose to move in.  It took the quail almost four years before they felt secure enough to begin to build their nests and raise their young in the low-hanging oaks in the south pasture.  The only thing that could please me more is if I could find that the tiny local bats had moved in.  These are Nature's gifts, Farview style.
I have, over the years, sown hundreds of pounds of grass seed in the front yard, all for naught.  My "lawn," such as it is, is comprised totally of whatever weeds choose to grow...and grow...and grow.  Well over six inches, I'd so wanted to mow...and mow...and mow the yards before my guest arrived, but was done in by time and the weather.  It really looks pretty decent when cut down.

Putt-putting around on the tractor for a couple of hours in the afternoon, I got the front and side yards mowed.  There was enough warmth left in the sun to stay out and get some more weeding done in the middle octagon in the front yard.  It was time to quit when Bessie Anne began to flop down right in front of me, effectively stopping me from pulling the next patch of weeds.  Looking at the day's efforts, that's satisfaction, Farview style.


Kathryn said...

Lookin' good there, Bo...lookin' good! My only familiarity with the swooping swallows, their delicate V-shaped tails and mud homes, comes from driving through the center of California during the spring and summer, and, after seeing a flurry of activity around the overpasses, looking up at the concrete structures, only to see CITIES of swallow condos! Nice to see that one family decided to homestead at Farview. Mosquitoes for dinner, anyone?

Jennie Bolen said...

Beautiful! I see all is well there. I sure wish it would warm up a bit though, don't you? My house is freezing and I've been too lazy to search down some kindling and start a fire. What's with the weather today? It's cloudy and looks like it's going to rain. Geezlaweez! I would go back to bed if I didn't have 4 little rugrats to chase around all day. :)