Saturday, May 7, 2011

Party Time!

One of my mother's most used sayings was "a lick and a promise."  It seems to apply to my life here.  There's an awful lot to do for one person, and most of the time it seems all I can accomplish is a dab here and a dab there, giving everything a lick and a promise.  This really struck home last evening as I was sweeping leaves and oak pollen off several hundred feet of deck, listing in my mind everything else that needed to be done for today's party with the Kids.  It used to be that Steve would spiff up the outdoors while I cleaned the inside when we had company coming, and neither of us went into overload.  Unless it was something fried, he couldn't cook worth a darn, but he was a great sous chef, cutting prep time in half for both of us.  On Easter, I dashed around with a dust rag before Deb and Craig and his parents got here.  It wasn't until we were sitting in the living room chatting that I realized I'd dusted everything but the coffee table.  No way to do that little chore in front of company, I sat there agonizing, hardly able to take my eyes away from the cats' signature paw prints.  Ah, well...give it a lick and a promise and enjoy the people...that's what I say!

I had a laugh yesterday.  I had to call the TV satellite company for a glitch in the system.  The tech was in Phoenix.  We got to chatting while running diagnostics, and he found it funny that I raise goats.  He decided that it would be necessary to send a local technician to cure the problem and said he could give me a Sunday morning appointment.  "No, I milk goats in the morning; make it for the afternoon."  "What kind of farmer are you?  Aren't you done by eight?"  I told him I write a blog before barn.  "Really?  What's it about?"  I told him it was just stuff about the farm, and he asked for the blog site.  I had no more than spelled it out, when he said, "What happened to your oak tree?  And there are your chickies.  Wow!  That goat's full of milk!"  He had typed it in while I was spelling...and I've got a new reader.  That's just hysterical to me.

My Kids are coming up and this is going to be a good day, whether I get everything done or not.  What's a little dust between family?


Kathryn said...

Oh, I think I'll steal that, and it will be a new "Mom's Most Used Saying,"...What's a little dust between family?!" I LIKE that!!! And "New Reader Phoenix Techie"...welcome! The blog is entertaining, educational, insightful, and just plain fun! And Bo...I know I don't even have to wish that you will have a GREAT time with the Kids, because I know it's a given!! Party 'til the goats come home!!!

Linda Cox said...

Happy Early Birthday!