Saturday, May 14, 2011

Going To Town

Unlike those times when I dread a trip to town, I'm really looking forward to going to Placerville (known locally as P'ville) today.  I'll be meeting Deb and Craig for lunch!  The cloud cover has moved back in this morning, but nothing is going to rain on my parade today!

There are many self-help books on the market.  How to diet, to raise children, to overcome grief, to transition into the teen years, to become rich, etc., etc., etc.  I don't recall ever seeing a book that teaches one how to grow old.  I know, today being my birthday, I certainly fall into that category, but I don't really know how to behave.  On any given day (except the day after I've been bent over weeding), I don't feel my age.  It's such a surprise to look in the mirror and see that face...she can't be me!  I still have the impulse to do a cartwheel now and again.  I tried it once a couple of years back and darned near broke my neck, so I resist that impulse.  I still like to look at a handsome man (I try to resist that impulse, too, unsuccessfully).  My mother, as she got older, became ultra-dignified.  I fear that's not my style, but maybe if there were a book to teach me, I could try.

There was a different tone to the chickens' squawk yesterday and Bessie Anne and I moved faster out the door.  Sure enough, there went the coyote racing back down to the woods, with Bess hard on her trail.  The free-range hens have quit fleeing the coop and the hole was blocked under the Silkies' pen, so all the little kids were safe and sound.  No chicken dinner for coyote last night.

With no city lights to dull the effect, even a half-moon shines bright enough to make moon shadows up here.  Bess needed to go for a walk last night.  I was glad I'd put the leash on Bessie because as soon as we stepped out the door I caught a strong whiff of skunk.  The light on my hat caught the reflection of eyes in the dark...oh, no!  But it was just Frank, later joined by Pearl, and my little parade made the circuit around the driveway.  Bessie Anne tends to business, with frequent stops to sniff this or that.  Frank and Pearl lead the way, but get struck with flights of silliness and flop and roll on the drive or start a game of tag.  I think we all enjoy these outings.

Mustn't dawdle this morning...I'm going to town!


Linda Cox said...

Have a super day!!


Kathryn said...

BIG day indeed - Happy Birthday, you ol', young at heart, undignified (and please stay that way) broad! Did I say that?????

ENJOY YOUR TRIP TO P'VILLE...hope you have "bells on!"

Linda Cox said...

Due to snow coupled with technical difficulties, the Sunday post to this blog may be delayed or passed over altogether depending of the availability and efficiency of tech support on a Sunday.

I heard briefly heard that yesterday was a MUCH better day.

Kathryn said...

Well day-um! Thanks, Linda. I was so looking forward to hearing about the birthday celebration, but it sounds like they are bundled up at Farview!! Guess I can put up with a little delay if they have to put up with snow and technical difficulties!!

alexandra/sandy said...

bo - sounds as though your b-day was perfect - just remember - cartwheels and oogling good looking men allow you to know that your blood still continue doing what you have been doing and enjoy.