Monday, June 13, 2011

Poppy's Big Adventure

A sheep in the field with the goats.  Big deal.  Well, it was a very big deal for Poppy.  For the better part of a week she's been crying, left behind in the old pen, unable or unwilling to go through the gate.  After milking yesterday, I turned the goat girls loose and went to let Nineteen out of his stall.  Poppy was once again bawling, standing alone under the dead oak.  I turned back to get a handful of Nineteen's alfalfa as a consolation prize for poor ol' Pop, and then I couldn't find her.  Circling the barn, I looked over and there she was, grazing amongst the goats as if she hadn't a care in the world.  I was so proud of her!  That pride was somewhat short-lived when later I heard her bawling again.  The herd had moved back into the old pen without her.  Bessie Anne is hell on wheels when it comes to herding chickens, and I started wondering how she'd be as a sheep herder.  Fortunately, Poppy figured it out before I had to put Bess to the test.

Being a NASCAR fan forces a day of rest.  The races usually take about four hours, and my NASCAR mentors, Dave and Clay, told me early on that it is de rigueur to take a nap somewhere in that time.  Far be it from me to break with tradition.  Even though there were hours of daylight left after the race, I told myself it was too late to start a project.  For once I listened to my own advice and picked up a book to round out a good afternoon.  Poppy going through the gate was excitement enough for one day.


Kathryn said...

Well, it IS age-old tradition that says Sunday is a day of wouldn't want to buck the system, would ya? Good ol' Poppy - I hope she learns the routine and can keep up with the girls so she doesn't get left's way more fun to have a friend to go thru life with...or to go thru a gate to get to another "compartment" of her life, as it were! OK, it's Monday - guess it's time for all of us to get back to work!

Cally Kid said...

So, is this nap thing an age-old tradition or old-age tradition? Both I would imagine. Poppy sounds like she is just cautious and not a "follower".