Saturday, November 12, 2011

Big Wind

"Big Wind From Winnetka," a song from the 1940's Big Band era, was perfect for yesterday.  I don't know whence this wind came, but it certainly was big.  Still gun shy from last season, my first concern was for the trees.  So far, so good on that score.  I needed to cover the last windows in the goat barn in the morning.  Curious as they are always, I finally had to coax the herd into the new pen and shut the gate to get the job done.  It was hard enough to hold the cover panels against the wind without this goat pulling at the corner and that one who wouldn't get its head away from the openings so I could put the panels in place.  Those hatches finally battened down, I waited for a lull and then brought wagon after wagon load of firewood up to the porch to stock the rack.  Not as much rain as expected fell and it wasn't a particularly cold wind, but it's best to be prepared.  Violent gusts hit again as evening came.  The chickens put themselves to bed early and the goats vied to be first into the barn.  I spoke to a friend in Fiddletown; they'd been without power for several hours, undoubtedly due to a downed tree.  Here, I put the matches by the oil lamps in readiness for such an eventuality, but we dodged that bullet for the time.

It's still dark as I write.  All seems calm now.  I'm anxious for daylight so I can assess the situation today.

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Cally Kid said...

I've fallen behind and just now finished the Septembers blogs. I had to jump ahead to todays report to say hello. Like California, today in Colorado Springs the wind is sweeping the leaves away at speeds that are surely record breaking. Dawn arrives tonight for an 8 day visit and we'll catch up on October-November blogs together. You should think of adding kite-making to your hobby list. I can see you on the porch with a fishing reel full of kite string. A refreshing beverage along with serene smile would be a nice late afternoon setting for some Autumn kite flying.