Monday, November 21, 2011

Send In the Clowns

The sun did come out yesterday but still cold and windy, it was a good day to stay inside.  The race at Homestead was a real nail biter with an edge-of-the-seat ending, a great finish to the season.  It was a relaxing, kick-back day and I had pulled on a comfy pair of old sweatpants instead of my usual bibby uniform after barn chores, knowing I would neither have guests nor go any farther outside than the front porch for more wood.

All was fine until Bess wanted to go for her after-dark walk.  Every parade needs a clown and I drew the short straw last night.  Heading outside, we were joined by Frank and Pearl and started around the drive.  The sweatpants were old, bought when I was a couple of sizes larger, and had no drawstring.  Shortly after the parade began, the brittle elastic let go (deja vu...this isn't the first time this has happened to me).  Lighted ball cap on my head, leash in one hand, the other clutching my baggy, droopy drawers, all I needed were the red nose and floppy shoes and the oompah band.  I'm sure my laughter could be heard up on Irish Acres.

It was a good day.


Kathryn said...

I'm sorry I missed that laughter and the parade. I wonder how many bloggers have been able to write TWO entries about their drawers falling down...or threatening to! This is a fun way to start the week - thanks!

Linda Cox said...

Provides new insight on what to expect from The View From Farview Farm

Kathryn said...

Good one, Linda!!