Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Redux

Just for the heck of it this morning, I went back and took a look at last November's entries to this journal.  While every day is different on its own, not much has really changed here at Farview.  A year later, Tree Guy still has more work to do on the fallen trees.  Rain has again greened up the pastures and pens.  No turkeys have come peeking in my windows, but they continue to congregate in with the hens and under the oaks.  Those oaks and the vineyards have dressed themselves in bright colors, and leaves cover the ground as they did last year.  No snow is predicted for "our" Thanksgiving, but even on sunny days I've got to keep the wood stove going lest the house cool down past the comfort level.  In the absence of a thermostat it's easier to open a door for a bit if it gets too warm than restart the fire.  The Silkies have settled into the Taj and know their routines well.  I do miss picking them up to tuck them in at night.  There are new faces in the big chicken pen and some old ones are missing, but the daily pattern has not changed.  Nineteen still runs around like he could do something for the girls who are begging for male attention.  Bessie Anne, the cats and I go for our nightly walks, and they snooze behind me on the bed as I write in the early morning hours.  Dust is ever the bane of my life.  The same customers/friends come for milk and eggs and a chat every week.  I have the same sense of joyful anticipation when my family is due for a visit.

There are those who might ask, "But don't you get bored?"  The answer is a resounding, "No!"  There is a comfort in consistency.  I have enough work to feel useful.  Caring for the animals and fowl makes me feel needed.  When I feel the urge to travel, books transport me to different places and different times.  I am surrounded here by an ever-changing panorama of beauty.  I have family and friends who generously share their love.  When I have everything that I believe makes life worthwhile, how could I possibly ask for more, except more of the same.

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