Thursday, November 24, 2011


Rarely a day goes by that I don't give thanks for some aspect of my life, and usually there are many, many items on that list.  They range from the great, first and foremost being my family, to the small, perhaps sharing a moment of silent communion with a mouse.  I'm still a week away from celebrating Thanksgiving with my gang.  On this, the traditional day, my wish is that everyone's list is long and that their table is full of food and surrounded by love.

There are certain mice I know who have reason to be thankful.  I hang a full, lidded bucket of grain for the goats inside the milking room every day, ready for the next morning's feeding.  Not daunted, mice have chewed a small hole in the bucket.  Periodically I will open the lid to find a mouse inside, nearly stuporous from overeating, barely able to haul its chubby butt up and over to escape.  I've sometimes had to give the tiny gourmand a boost so it can waddle off to safety.

The pedestrian wild turkeys who frequent the feeding station under the oak are, I'm sure, thankful that I prefer to put an anonymous bird on my table.  Venison was undoubtedly on the menu at the first Thanksgiving, and "my" deer are just as glad to know they're safe here.  Tree Guy stopped by yesterday to discuss his next work day and as we stepped outside as he was leaving, a big flock of quail burst noisly out of the junipers by the front door.  These very shy birds have found sanctuary here, too.

The statistics provided by the blog site tell me that nearly one hundred persons from all over the world read this journal daily.  For that, I am truly amazed and grateful.  To each and every one, I wish you Happy Thanksgiving from Farview Farm!

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Kathryn said...

This reader counts you and your daily musings as one very special thing for which she is oh-so-grateful. May you enjoy Thanksgiving today, next weekend, and all year long.