Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prep Time

After waving goodbye to my friend early in the morning after our thoroughly enjoyable visit, I headed down to the barn for the chores of the day.  Turning the herd out after milking, I had to laugh.  More than one girl is cycling and Nineteen didn't know which way to turn, so many were anxious for his attentions, ineffective as they might be.  Must give the boy "E" for effort; he does his best with what he's got.

It wasn't until I was going to bed after a quiet day spent entirely with a book in my hand that I realized I'd best take a better look at the calendar.  Just because my family plays fast and loose with holiday dates doesn't mean that the grocery stores will continue to stock seasonal traditional fare after Thanksgiving.  I checked this morning and, good grief, Thanksgiving is next week!  If I don't want to get caught with no cranberries, I'd better plan a shopping excursion soon.  I truly enjoy cooking for the holidays, perhaps because then my table is surrounded by those I love most.  There have been times in the lean years that cooking was the only gift I could give and I wanted it to be the best I could make.  My kind-hearted Kids have always known that I have an open-door policy, especially at Thanksgiving, and have brought along some interesting guests.  There have been rock-and-roll musicians working away from home, once a fellow met on a bus traveling back east who accepted the invitation and was sent back on his way with a full stomach and a California grapefruit, or a family that had just moved into the neighborhood.  I can always throw another potato into the pot and put another chair at the table.  The invitation stands, "In-laws and Outlaws welcome!"

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Kathryn said...

Yes, where indeed has November gone?? I have been invited, through the family grapevine, to Thanksgiving in Yuma, and even though I have accepted the invitation through that same grapevine...good grief - I have not even yet spoken with my hostess to ask her what I might bring. Guess I had better get with it! Hope you find plenty of cranberries!