Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moon Shadows

At Bessie's urging, my companions and I went for our walk under the full moon last night.  A narrow wisp of cloud was flung like a gauzy veil across its face, but it was still bright enough to read by.  Shadows across the drive were as crisp as those thrown down by the early morning sun.  Sleeping birds disturbed by our passing rustled in the low-hanging live oak.  Dogs on a distant hill talked back and forth and once a trucker hit the jake brake over on Mt. Aukum road.  There were no other sounds.  Bessie found more smells to sniff than usual, or perhaps she just feigned a reason to stop and enjoy the night.  The cats walked quietly with us instead of playing tag and ambush.  Pines on the ridge across the road stood in silhouette like sentinels on guard.  We walked slowly last night, in no hurry to leave such beauty.

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Kathryn said...

Ahhhh - sounds breathtakingly beautiful!