Friday, February 3, 2012


Lugging milk buckets up the hill the other morning, I looked up to see the Animal Control truck in the driveway.  I knew I hadn't called him so wondered what was going on.  AC Guy and I are well acquainted due to past problems.  It seems he was searching the area for a missing cow, and he knew that lost or strayed animals often turn up here.  The first question, of course, was, "What does he or she look like?"  Turns out this was a black Angus cow (no distinguishing scars or tattoos).  I said I'd keep my eyes open and call if she turned up.  It occurred to me to wonder if they'd ever put a missing cow's face on milk cartons, "Have you seen this cow?"  Maybe there aren't enough cows gone walkabout down in the flatlands to make it worthwhile.  Then too, milk now comes in everlasting plastic jugs instead of biodegradable paper cartons.  What would I know anyhow; it's been so long since I've bought milk in the store.  (It's easy to see how that train of thought went from station to station.)

Before dawn yesterday, I heard, "Fayyye, Fayyye, Faye!"  Seems that cattle aren't the only ones with wanderlust these days.  Neither cow nor dog has shown up here, and no one seems to be looking for the troupe of turkeys that came through yesterday.

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Kathryn said...

You had me laughing out loud, literally, (cow on milk carton) before 7's going to be a good day!