Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slow Day

Slim pickings for blog fodder yesterday.  The big event was a trip to the feed store.  Not like today, when I've already traveled all the way to the corner to put out the trash.  (This could get exciting.)  Last week it was pitch black when I hauled the barrel down to the big road, and today it was just getting light.  I can hold off putting the kids to bed until almost a quarter to six.  The days are definitely getting longer.

I haven't always been such a stay-at-home stick in the mud.  I did enough traveling on a daily basis as a medical records consultant to satisfy anyone's travel lust.  Based in Sacramento, I'd drive four hours down to Salinas and Monterey, work my eight hours in the facility there, and drive another four hours home.  I measured distance in time, not miles.  It was three hours north to Ukiah, two hours southeast to Modesto,  three hours west to Menlo Park.  When I was scheduled for Sacramento or Davis, it was like getting a day off.  After two years of being on the road, I pretty much burned out.  As much as I really love to drive, I was ready to stay put.  There was another aspect of that job that I was ready to change.  As a consultant, I'd go in, identify problems, recommend solutions, train personnel, give atta-boys left and right, and go home.  There was never the satisfaction of completion, never the opportunity to dust off my hands and say, "There.  That's done."

I may not go far from home now.  The work may seem repetitious.  As Steve used to say, "But when you're home, you're here."  And when the last goat, sheep and chicken is tucked in for the night, I can say, "There.  That's done."

It may not have been exciting, but it was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

I think Dorothy said it best..."There's no place like home," and those of us who feel that way are mighty lucky, I'd say!