Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Washed Clean

Awoke to rain this morning.  Frank and Pearl asked to go out first thing.  There was a two-cat pile up when Pearl stepped out and stopped without warning and Frank rear-ended her.  Nothing works faster than the brakes on a cat.  As happy as I am to see the rain (we need it so badly), it appears to have washed more than the truck.  Down in the barn yesterday, I "wrote" today's entry.  All I can recall is that it was going to be good.  Sometimes I'll write down a memory trigger word for a particular topic, but I didn't do that this time and whatever it was is gone, gone, gone.

There are days when I think I should put in a change-of-address card because I've moved to the Twilight Zone; the old series by Rod Serling, not the current vampire world.  How can it be that I will have an important piece of paper in my hand, put it down, not leave the room, and not be able to find that piece of paper again?  I can hear the theme music play.  I'm in the Twilight Zone.

The rain today has put a glitch in some plans.  Tree Guy and Son Two were coming back to fix the splitter and continue work down in the pen, and Kellan and William were going to clean out Ruthie's stall.  Even if this is rain for just one day, it will delay the work as I'd prefer no one drive down and put ruts in the field when it's wet.

Ah, well.  If a lost thought is the worst thing that happens, I'm well ahead of the game.


Kathryn said...

I'm betting that SOMETHING today is going to flash through your mind and you will remember what you "wrote" yesterday, and all will be right with your "washed-clean-world!" We can wait!

Kathy V said...

Do you have people now cleaning out the stall instead of hauling from the pile? Way to go!