Monday, February 13, 2012

Of Course

Awoke to pounding rain and howling wind.  Of course.  The almond tree blossoms have worked their way down and filled the tree.  Poor tree.  Now it is hailing, and snow is predicted down to three thousand feet later today.  If the ground squirrels must stay inside, at least their burrows are clean.

All of this cleaning can be detrimental.  I am so easily sidetracked.  While rooting through piles of stuff in the workroom, I ran across these irridescent beads that remind me of ice crystals and (down in the barn, of course) I began to plan a design for an ornament.  I really like the three-dimensional effect and the way the beads catch the light. 
My sewing project is still all over the dining room table, of course, right next to the paperwork for taxes.  I just got a request to do some painting and since that will take precedence, I'll just push all the other stuff aside and work on that.

My plan yesterday afternoon was to dig out some of those too-tough-to-pull weeds in the front yard.  They are encroaching on the walkway.  Then the clouds rolled over and the temperature dropped like a rock, and it seemed more prudent to haul more firewood up to the porch.  So much for the best-laid plans.  Of course.


Kathryn said...

Well, all I have to say get credit for weed pulling being on the list and you don't get demerits for not doing it, because bad weather trumps good intentions, and then LOOK at what beauty happened instead of weed-pulling! Thanks for sharing your creative talent!

Kathy V said...

You are having rain? No fair! Just promises of rain in SLO county. If you tire of it, send some our way.