Saturday, February 25, 2012

Now, Now

What is it?  Is it just because it's spring?  Is it living in close proximity?  Is it a personality clash?  Whatever the cause, sap and tempers are on the rise these days.  Recently Ruth and Cindy had a go-round; last night it was two of the black Silkie roosters.  These two featherweights (did I really say that?) were going at it in the Taj.  In such close quarters and because these boys are so small, I was able to grab one and break up the fight.  Fortunately, chickens seem to have a short attention span so I could put the nighttime snack and the rooster into the room with the others and all was well.  I really don't like all this fighting, but nobody asked me.

It is way too early.  The oaks and lilacs are burgeoning with leaf buds and the forsythia is putting out blossoms.  We should still be in winter's grip.  This does not bode well for summer.  Last year there was so much rain I wondered if I should build an ark.  Now I'm afraid it will be so dry I'll have to trade the goats for camels.  Camels are notoriously bad tempered.  I don't need any more fighting.  I hope it rains soon.

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Kathryn said...

It looks like a lot of the state is due for rain this week. Here's hoping you get an extra dose!

(I'm on the third try to get the "characters" correct to try to post this. Aargh - they have changed comment posting again and it is not for the faint of heart!)