Thursday, February 23, 2012


I think the baton has officially been passed.  When I bought my first two goats, I'm sure the sellers were afraid to answer their phone because I called with so many questions.  Is this normal?  How do I handle this problem?  Can I do such-and-such?  Should I...and on and on.  They were so patient and helpful.  I kept them in mind yesterday as I received call after call.  The goat triplets made it through the night and their owner was able to get to town to get some goat milk replacement powder.  It's not the optimum, but better for them than cow's milk.  Another owner called; one of his does was in labor with a difficult delivery.  It's really hard to be a long-distance midwife, but I gave him what advice I could, time being of the essence.  He called back later.  The poor doe had two breech babies and one crosswise in the canal.  He helped her deliver all three and was able to save two.  As he had phrased it, "Is this Goat 9-1-1?"

I've been working on another ornament, same "pattern" but with different beads.  I think it looks like a gilded poinsettia and will leave off any dangles.  I must quit beading and get back to my other projects.  I might need the dining room table to actually serve dinner some night.

Here is one of Nature's jewels.  I discovered this moth on the screen when I'd gone out to bring in more firewood.  Another one of those times I wish I were a better photographer.

Frank, handsome as he is and as much as I love him, just isn't very bright.  Yesterday he got himself trapped in one of the sheds for the second time this week.  He dashes in behind me and hides and then gets shut in when I head on to the next chore.  Both cats spend most of the day sleeping, so I don't miss him until I open the door again.  He doesn't seem to associate me with shutting him in.  He is just so glad to see me as his rescuer, rubbing against my leg and telling me how awful it had been.  I'm his Cat 9-1-1.

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Kathryn said...

The ornament is ab-so-LUTE-ly exquisite, and yes, it does remind me of a be-jeweled gilded poinsettia! And ya know, "The Caprine Midwife" does sound a bit more frou frou than "The Goat Lady" in case you are looking for a title for your memoirs. Makes a better movie title, don't ya think?