Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where There's Smoke...

Today has not had an auspicious beginning.  Awoke to a terrific wind and rain storm; worst wind yet this season.  I needed to print some official documents.  With perfect timing, my printer ran out of black ink.  I may go down as my contact's most colorful client, as I'm sending the forms in in green.  I explained that I could not 'just run them over to Fed-Ex,' as the nearest Fed-Ex was twenty miles away.  He'll be lucky if I get them down to the big road mailbox in this storm.  Deal with it, flatlander!

While contemplating my options for the day here at the computer, the nearest smoke alarm went off with that piercing screech that would wake the dead.  I'd banked the wood stove in the living room last night and, not going to be in that part of the house, had not fired it up this morning.  The wind was pushing smoke down the flue into the house and that set off the alarm.  In the midst of wind and blowing rain, I ran around opening doors and windows to clear the room, throwing wood onto the fire and opening all the vents.  Until the blaze was hot enough to get a good draw in the chimney, the wind would cause a downdraft with enough smoke to make my eyes water.  Bessie Anne followed me everywhere and the panicked cats were hiding under the bed.  (Note to self:  put the battery back in the smoke alarm.)

This little hummer on the edge of the hanging planter has decided to wait it out; the wind is that strong.  I cannot seem to get the fire hot enough to keep the blaze going.  We've done the routine three times so far, smoke pouring into the room each time, doors open to the elements.  (Note to self:  go find the trash cans and lids someday.)

Forget Fed-Ex and the mailbox.  I've got other things to attend to.  It's going to be an interesting day!

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Kathryn said...

Oh my GOSH, no wonder the blog was a bit later than usual. Keep your power dry...AND keep it and yourself from blowing away! Hope the smoke clears in your corner of the world!