Friday, March 2, 2012

Don't Ask

One thing the years have taught me is never to ask "What next?" or "What else can go wrong?"  Having written the day's entry and just noodling around on the computer, watching snowflakes whiz by the window in the wind yesterday, the power went out.  Oh, good grief.  I'd fought the good fight with the wood stove the day before and now the electricity was going against me.  Seriously?  I have the power company on speed dial on the land line.  The mechanical voice told me they were not aware of any outage in my area, but they'd be "on the scene shortly."  Bless those workers who go out to brave the elements, they had power restored in about an hour.  I don't know; maybe it was someone in an office pushing buttons.  I don't care.  I had lights and water again!

Rain took over and the snow didn't stick.  The goats complained even more than I.  Poppy, in her wool coat, just plodded along, indifferent to the weather.  She's a girl who likes her victuals, and not much would keep her from getting up to the corner of the pen for breakfast.  From the milking stand, I could see several clumps of daffodils that had burst into bloom under the live oak up by the house.  The poor things had been beaten down to the ground and were laid flat.  A cherry, a couple of peach, and one of the plum trees are popping blossoms.  The almond tree is definitely the worse for wear.  It seems so counterproductive to put forth this effort just when the weather is at its worst.  Is it that Nature likes a challenge, or what?

Hit and miss all day, the rain let up around sundown.  My own challenge was getting around in the chicken pens, slipping and sliding and trying to stay upright as I tucked the little kids in for the night.  The goats raced me to the barn, Poppy lumbering in what for her was high gear.  No problem getting them into their rooms; they darned near pushed me out of the way as soon as I opened their doors.

Okay...a couple of glitches here and was still a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Well if the forecasters are correct, it looks like you might be able to dry out for a few more days before you get more rain. Here's to a non-slippery chicken coop tonight!!